Sailor’s Valentine, Star Gazer – Part 5 – We Have a Name!

I had the name Star Gazer suggested to me for this box along with a few others. The names were turning around in my mind while I was working. Something with the word star certainly sounds suitable since I am working with stars. Then, while looking at a trial shell placement, I decided Star Gazer was the right name to choose.

I took a break from placing littorina shells and made the tiny flowers I’ll be using. So far, excluding sorting time, I’ve spent about fifteen hours gluing those tiny, roly poly things. The flowers were a pleasant break.

I used a plastic work mat to form the flowers. The 527 glue won’t adhere to the surface. You spread a small drop of glue, carefully align the shell petals, and add a center. I let mine set about six hours before trying to move them. They can set longer if needed. Some glues do need a longer drying time. Once the glue has start to set, you can gently manipulate the petals if you want them to stand up more. I wanted mine to be slightly flat. In the picture, you’ll also see that I used a single shell in contrasting colors for the centers. I think the flower stands out better. Also, I am a klutz. With tiny flowers, I try to keep it simple so that I don’t damage the petals.

In the next pictures you can see the flowers I lifted off the plastic. I added a close up of the glue on the back. I’ll gently trim any excess glue with manicure scissors before attaching them.









My heliacus snails and bee hives still blend in. However,  I think with the addition of the flowers and the tiny star fish, it isn’t as bad as before. The circular pattern will come through as I originally designed. I hope.

Now it is really down to wait and see. I have to finish gluing the background shells. That way I can do a complete dress rehearsal with the shells. I wasn’t going to show the valentine any more until I had it completed. But I was so excited with how the flowers brought the valentine to life, that I just wanted to share.  So I’ll continue to take pictures, but no more posts until it finished.


About leggygillin

I make Sailor's Valentines, Seashell flower arrangements and other shell art. Blogging about them helps me improve the quality of my work. By looking at my progress through images, I'm able to view the pieces differently. I think also it helps others who may be wanting to learn. Not that I am a teacher, by any means. I'm still learning, growing, and developing my art with each post.
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