Cassis Rufa Cameo Shell Vase with Gar Scale Flowers

I have this beautiful Cameo shell and I really love the colors. The creamy orange strips of the interior are gorgeous. Browns, creams, and oranges blend into lovely patterns on the exterior. There is a prominent point on the broader end of the shell that prevents the shell from standing upright. To solve that, I picked 3 Noble Pectin shells to form a base. The yellow and orange shades compliment the Cameo perfectly. All three Pectins have natural flaws that add character. I will spray them with polyurethane before gluing them together. Giving the Pectins a sheen will help tie them to the gloss of the Cameo.








For the primary flowers, I chose gar scales in natural tones, dyed orange and dyed red. I purchased the gar scales in natural tones them dyed them using professional food color. One side of the scale takes color well. The other side dyes well on the edges and the center retains a lighter tone. It makes the scale very versatile for flower type. The scales are very solid and the tips are incredibly sharp.








The camera doesn’t pick up the actual colors of the gar scales. But they are a creamy off-white, tangerine orange, and dark red. The colors play off the Cameo quite well. Hopefully when it is finished, I get better lighting.

The dyed cup shells I am using are sepia, red and orange. I’ll use a vine for their placement. In the picture, you’ll see white trivia, mini orange snail shells, white mini augers, and tiny Philippine Pointed rice shells. My plan is to use all but the trivia as flower centers. I’m thinking the trivia may go on a vine. Again, I selected colors that will compliment the Cameo.




My choice of greenery is very similar to the Murex arrangement. In addition I have a stalk of dried red leather and tiny artificial yellow flowers. For the vine there is a piece of wood vine. Again, I’m not sure yet exactly how much I will need to complete this art piece. On the lower left side of the picture you can see the flower bottoms. I plan on trying Bond’s Seashell glue, but I may need to resort to the hot glue gun. Either way, I’ll post the method.

About leggygillin

I make Sailor's Valentines, Seashell flower arrangements and other shell art. Blogging about them helps me improve the quality of my work. By looking at my progress through images, I'm able to view the pieces differently. I think also it helps others who may be wanting to learn. Not that I am a teacher, by any means. I'm still learning, growing, and developing my art with each post.
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